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Name E-mail Website Country Favourite language or aspect of languages
Maria Thereza e-mail www Brazil The way it defines a culture
Hiro e-mail www United States of America The Diversity
Billie e-mail www Germany Accents and dialects, Didactics, Pragmatics... Can
SiriuS e-mail www Finland I love all the languages, that I can speak
Alex Franco www Mexico
hanie www Germany Japanese, Korean and European languages
Joe www United Kingdom Français, italiano
gillian86 www Poland English
Agnieszka www Poland Spanish, English, German, Arabic
hania www Poland French, Finnish, Polish
Kathryn e-mail www United States of America i love how adaptive it can be.
Ina www Austria Being able to communicate outside your country, challenge to learn
Elle Freya www Guatemala Spanish
Sophia e-mail www Russia English, Spanish
Chez www United Kingdom Spanish and Italian
Ina e-mail www Germany
Ania www Poland Italian and Polish
Tracy www United States of America Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean
kim_bnr www Italy English, Japanese
Anne-Sophie e-mail www France English, French, German / Being a translator, I interest myself to the transposition of a language into another
Luna www Germany Norwegian
Stephanie www United States of America Engelska och Svenska
Julia www United States of America Vocabulary
Hikari Nimo www Chile Japonés / Kawaii...
Angela www Canada I just like languages in general :)
Mervi e-mail www Finland suomi, Cymraeg, Deutsch, español, English, svenska
Aseriana e-mail www United States of America German; Language is the gateway to learning about the world around you
Jessica e-mail www Germany English, German
Corner www Netherlands English, Latin, Dutch
Lowri www United Kingdom Guessing how modern words came about
Ryktan www Hungary English, Klingon and all the runic things
Natalie e-mail www United States of America Japanese
Häschen www United States of America Deutsch, français, various others
Natalie e-mail www Puerto Rico Francés
Martina www Italy
DeeDee www United States of America Ancient languages
Moel e-mail www Germany
Julie e-mail www Canada I love Eastern-Europe languages
Karine e-mail www Brazil English
Sora G. Silverwind www United States of America Japanese, Binisaya, French, words that are not directly translatable from one language to another
Christy www United States of America Spanish
Lotte e-mail www Germany German
Suz www Hungary English
Helena e-mail www Sweden English
Fred e-mail www Canada
Natha www Sweden
LiquidLove e-mail www Argentina Japonés/escritura
Sarahg www United States of America
Sarah www United States of America English, Italian, Spanish
Dee www Indonesia Deutsch

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