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Name E-mail Website Country Favourite language or aspect of languages
Sabrina e-mail www Germany French, everything else, too :)
Soraya e-mail www Indonesia French, Indonesian, English. Planning to learn: Arabic, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese, along with learning indepth some Indonesian dialects.
Ella www Netherlands
Diana www United States of America Scottish Accents and it interests me the way different people can make sounds..
talitha e-mail www Netherlands Spanish and Dutch
rafael www United States of America
Iva e-mail www Serbia Italian, Serbian, Hungarian
juan francisco zacarias zavala www Mexico
sara e-mail www Spain Español/su sensual sonido... spanish/his sensual sound
Liv www Norway Germanic languages
Hanna www Sweden
Constantine www United States of America Russian syntax
Virginie www Austria Polish, Russian, English
Taina www Finland Finnish, English, Sign Language
Phoenix www United Kingdom Latin
Katie www United States of America Spanish & Swedish
Masha M e-mail www Australia French
Kat e-mail www Germany English, Chinese
Priscilla www United States of America Italian, Spanish, French
Jacob www United States of America I love slavic and eastern european languages, like polish and lithuanian. :)
Raen www Singapore
Marie www Canada French, Spanish
Azalia www New Zealand Many languages + linguistics and history
Shikin www Malaysia english, japanese, spanish & korean
Lori www United States of America If you control language, you control thought, the whole
Edie www United States of America Nepali, Spanish
Matt www United States of America Linguistics
Wendy McCallister www United States of America I love all languages
Lisa www Ireland Complexity of language
sheila www Spain Catalán
Karolina e-mail www Germany Polnisch, and Englisch
Yusui www Germany Japanese, English and French
Stef www Germany Finish
Nina www Finland Italian... German is the 2nd of my favourites
Julia www Italy English, Russian <3; German, Italian, French
Riczu www Finland Finnish, English, Quenya, Latin, sign language
Kelly www Greece The accents and the musicality! :)
Emma www United States of America Deutsch
Mez www Norway
Jessica www United States of America french
Beatrix e-mail www Italy French, English, Spanish
Morena www El Salvador Español
Katie www United States of America Latin
Sarah e-mail www United States of America English, Arabic, Spanish
Filia www Poland Polski i japonski
smartie www United Kingdom Spanish
Guchuan Guisi e-mail www Japan German, Latin, Sanskrit, Ancient Greek, Esperanto, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese (Putonghua and Cantonese)
Serene SL e-mail www Singapore
Moye e-mail www Italy All of them. I like to communicate with people in different languages.
Aude www France English

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