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Name E-mail Website Country Favourite language or aspect of languages
zelgadiz e-mail www Chile japonés
Fenix www Canada Chinese and Japanese
Jay Fidel www United States of America Latin/German/Hindi/Japanese - they sound so nice rolling off the tongue... *dreamy eyes*
Dina www Germany English
Lisa www United Kingdom grammar!
Coffeebean www United States of America Learning new languages
Karen www United States of America Spanish
Kaminari e-mail www United States of America French/Japanese
Aline e-mail www Netherlands English, Dutch, Japanese and Chinese
rizue www El Salvador japonés, es difícil pero entretenido
Stephanie A. www United States of America English , Portugese, Spanish
sheila iwaya correa www Japan
Merche www Spain English, Spanish, Japanese... I love studying their literature & ethymology :)
Vie-chan www United States of America Tie between french and japanese...but I love all languages because it's fun to be able to converse with people everywhere.
aoi www Canada learning, speaking, translation.
Michelle www Canada History of words (eg. where they came from)
Devin www United States of America Russian
Angela e-mail www Canada Spanish, Japanese
Gosia e-mail www Poland Asian languages
Grace www United States of America morphology/L1 acquisition
Kendra www Canada Latin, language creation
Jenny e-mail www Singapore Japanese and English
hanna e-mail www Finland english, finnish
Jacqueline www Canada French/the accents and the way it sounds so romantic and rolls off your tongue
Núbia e-mail www Brazil Portuguese
Hölli e-mail www Poland Spanish, English, Italian, Latin, Polish
Riikka www Finland
Saku www Spain Latin y Griego
Malin www Sweden well, I have no special favourite language...I like them all! :) I'm very interested about history of language.
Ashley www United States of America German
Sonia www Poland I'm learning sign language ^^
Meredith e-mail www United States of America Russian, Elvish, Finnish, Welsh, phonology, phonemics, IPA, phonetic shifts, sounds, arbitraryness of symbols, language learning
Dragonblade e-mail www United Kingdom French
Paul www Spain Inglés/francés
Aliisa www Finland I simply enjoy speaking as many languages as I can learn.
Kiddo e-mail www Sweden English
Natalie www United Kingdom Spanish. i luv it!
Hitomi Kanzaki www Mexico Japonés
Alison www United States of America Japanese, English, French; Phonetics and Morphology
Alexandre e-mail www Portugal
Gabriela Theirn www Belgium Français, anglais, italien, allemand et russe
Mirra e-mail www Chile Latin, Quenya, Español, Francés, Inglés.
Jeanette e-mail www Canada English
gomory www Luxembourg japanese, english, danish, german, latin
Gaby www United States of America español, frances, japones/como se oyen las lenguas
Vanessa www United States of America All the many verbs!
Mikachan www Italy English,Japanese,Sindarin,
Millie Rose e-mail www Canada The various ways somehing can be said
Elly e-mail www United Kingdom Latin. Reading and writing.
Eva www Finland Finnish :D

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